We love great smiles!  Our team has taken thousands of extra dentistry training hours to provide you with the best looking, long lasting beautiful teeth and smiles.  Whether you need a solution for a single tooth, or want to beautify your whole smile, we will take the time to listen to your thoughts, and help you with the choices.  We want dentistry to be easy and simple.  Our team has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers, cosmetic veneers, dental veneers, dental implants, dental implant crowns, dental implant surgery, implant overdentures, and over dentures, all on 4, all on four, full mouth reconstructions, full mouth rehabilitation, complex restorative dentistry, gum recontouring, gum reshaping, gum lift, gum healing, periodontal dentistry, periodontal surgery, periodontal scaling, quadrant scaling, periodontal probing, gum surgery, sinus surgery, sinus lift surgery, teeth reshaping, teeth recontouring, esthetic recontouring, enamelplasty, osseous recontouring, perio, perio surgery, connective tissue grafts, HEADACHES, headache clinic, migraines, muscle pain, temple pain, cheek pain, jaw pain, jaw joints, TMJ, TMD, temporo mandibular joints, tempero mandibular dysfunction, migraine headaches, chronic headaches, grinding, clicking joints, bruxism, occlusal wear, attrition, erosion, abfractions, loose teeth, sore teeth, tooth whitening, teeth bleaching, endodontics, root canals, GERD, acid reflux, dental cleaning, dental hygiene, dental training, dental seminars, hospitality, service and a commitment to excellence.  Dr. Steve Thordarson, BSc, DDS


​​All dentistry performed by Dr. Steve Thordarson

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